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Why is Autism (ASD) something I have on my site?

The most amazing person in my life is my grandson who is on the spectrum.  Some of the things he can do amaze me every time I'm with him.  I have no doubt that he is a genius and will grow to do some amazing things.  Things I would only ever dream of being able to do or understand.

My wife and I read a lot about Autism.  Well, mostly my wife because she has dedicated her every waking moment to researching and trying to find the best and most accurate information she can.  I will try to keep as much as I can on this site.  Not only for myself, because it'll be a good repository of information, but also to share out what we have found.



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Online tools released here for testing out Regular Expressions, XML, JavaScript Beautification, JSON Beautification, JSON to XML Converter, XML to JSON Converter and JSON Expression Evaluator:).

You will find them at the top of this site, on the right of the menu, put your mouse over Online Tools.  You'll see a drop down menu of the seven tools that are available.

Or visit here:Online Tools


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