Where did Vadim Tabakman’s blog go???

The blog has moved over to the Workflow Excellence site. Please find all the information you need there

Workflow Excellence

In the meantime, if you have questions about Nintex, feel free to email me at vadim@vadimtabakman.com

Family First!!

Autism is a big part of my life. My grandson is autistic and I love him to bits. Those that don’t understand autism, think of this way.

Different…not less.

Unique… not weird.

This is a complicated world with unique people. Some can adjust easier than others, and some that understand it better. Autistics want to fit it but find it hard. If you have the opportunity, try to connect. You’ll find it an amazing experience.

If you don’t already know, I work at Nintex. Nintex is the leader in Business Process Automation, and I couldn’t be prouder of how far this company has come.

A good part of my day is focussed on Nintex. Whether it be Workflow, Forms, RPA, Process Mapping, Document Generation or Electronic Signing.

As I mentioned above, the blog posts that some of you have come to get a lot from, are now located at Workflow Excellence.

Poker, another passion I have. In fact, does it get any better than letting your wife beat you all the time, every single time??? Ok I may be exaggerating the “letting” part.

This is such a fun game, and every single variation of it, carries different concepts and ways of thinking.

From Hold’em to Draw, from Omaha to Stud, Razz and anything in between. All have their unique intricacies and can create such a great community.